Why the Han Solo trailer makes the film appear so boring


Star Wars has all the time dealt closely in fan service and winks to the viewers after the preliminary trilogy, however the newest trailer for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars story takes that impulse to its absolute lowest level. In case you wanted to be reminded that this film is about Han Solo — sure, that Han Solo — holy gosh, you’ll be completely reminded. It will likely be hammered into your cranium.

The trailer does nothing to show us new issues concerning the character or the place he got here from. It’s not enthusiastic about bringing in any new perception to the character, or exhibiting something we already knew in a special checklist. It’s about reinforcing issues we already understood, after which saying that it remembers them too. It’s a protected technique for a sequence like Star Wars, however that reliance on repeating issues to an viewers that has repeating them to every for the previous few many years is probably going a part of the rationale the keenness for this movie appears so low.

Keep in mind how a lot Han Solo likes blasters and trusts them? Have a look at the scene the place he will get a blaster! Keep in mind that Chewbacca is de facto previous? That is the place Han Solo discovered that out! You understand the Millenium Falcon? Have a look at it when it was recent, and right here’s a scene hinting on the card recreation the place Solo canonically gained it from Lando.

han solo

He ought to assume everybody will betray him, though later he’ll be betrayed! He’s younger so he has a superb feeling about this, as an alternative of a foul feeling about this! I’m shocked he by no means appears to be like on the digital camera to say “When in a gun battle, all the time ensure you shoot first” earlier than giving everybody a literal wink. It’s that dangerous.

I can also’t be the one one who instantly considered the practice stage from Shadows of the Empire, a recreation starring a personality named Sprint Rendar, who’s mainly one other Han Solo. All of those photographs come from different locations throughout the canon, which makes the huge universe of Star Wars appear and feel impossibly small. The one approach Lucasfilm appears assured in exhibiting you one thing new is to make it an echo of the previous.

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian looks like the one character who isn’t doing cosplay. Woody Harrelson comes throughout like they anticipate you to be impressed that it’s Woody Harrelson, and I assume I’m? I’m undecided who the character is meant to be, however that’s definitely Woody Harrelson.

Rogue One was capable of at the very least partially keep away from this lure by avoiding well-known characters from the principle sequence, exterior of that creepy CGI Tarkin and the distractingly digital Princess Leia, however that’s inconceivable for Solo. The advertising supplies in all probability didn’t must hammer the purpose residence with this a lot ferocity although, and the entire technique makes it really feel like the films assumes we’re silly.

Star Wars will all the time commerce on the previous — even the originals assumed basic imagery from film serials and archetypal tales was soaked into our mind — however Solo might have discovered the restrict to how usually it may be recycled and offered again to us this blatantly.

Additionally, please don’t attempt to fake Chewbacca would possibly die. We all know he doesn’t. That’s a foolish edit in a trailer that assumes we all know and acknowledge a lot from the opposite Star Wars films. Han Solo can also be in no hazard right here, as a result of we already know the way and when he dies.

The final two mainline Star Wars movies had been closely criticized for referencing the unique movies too usually and too closely, however at the very least they moved the story ahead and launched characters with a perceived future within the sequence. Solo stars individuals we all know gained’t die interacted with individuals we all know aren’t going to be round in Han Solo’s future. The stakes are low, making it almost inconceivable to care.

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