We investigated the bodily loot bins at E3


If there’s one factor the Polygon video workforce is understood for, it’s hard-hitting investigations into the seedy underbelly of video video games. Or that’s what we’ll be recognized for after this vital video.

This previous week, Patrick Gill and I bought an Overwatch thriller field at E3 with the intention of uncovering the shady dealings of IRL (in actual life) loot bins. The commercial acknowledged that the field contained $100 price of merchandise for less than $40 ($43.70 in complete with tax). We thought that sounded preposterous.

After taking each precaution to not be found, we went in for the transaction. We wore our wires discretely and even swapped the field at a secret location: the place the place they bought gamer chairs.

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What did we discover within the field once we returned to our headquarters? Properly, it was unsurprisingly stuffed with Overwatch figures, artwork, and even an grownup coloring e book. We have been happy… till we checked with our very actual and really professional appraiser, Jerryme.

Patrick and I are nonetheless working by way of this troublesome time in our skilled relationship, however we’re completely happy that we might uncover this scoop firsthand. Be sure to remain tuned into Polygon’s YouTube channel for extra investigative reporting.

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