Shining Resonance Chorus Launches July 10 on PS4


We introduced Shining Resonance Chorus’s western launch earlier this yr, and now we’re pleased to announce that the sport will launch each bodily and digitally for PS4 on July 10! It’s not lengthy earlier than you’ll have the ability to wield the superior energy of the Shining Dragon to smash enemies, after which high it off with a sick B.A.N.D. efficiency.

Wait, what’s a B.A.N.D. efficiency?

I’m glad you requested! The B.A.N.D. system (Battle Anthem of the Noble Dragoneers) provides characters the possibility to take center-stage and carry out a musical efficiency in the course of battle. These performances grant highly effective buffs for the social gathering or inflict devastating debuffs on enemies via the facility of their Armonics, or historic weapon-instruments created by the Shining Dragon.

These results change relying on which tune you select to play, and which social gathering member takes the middle function. A band’s music is barely pretty much as good as its members, so let’s get to know every of the playable characters you’ll encounter in your travels via Alfheim!

Yuma Ilvern – The Boy with the Dragon’s Soul

Yuma is an unassuming, considerably timid younger man who possesses the soul of the legendary Shining Dragon. Regardless of his unimaginable power, he tries his greatest to suppress his skills and keep away from bother at any time when doable. In an try to safe the facility of the Shining Dragon for themselves, the Lombardian Empire kidnaps Yuma. That is the place his story actually begins.

In battle, Yuma fights with the Dragon Resonator Vandelhorn, dealing excessive harm and rapidly maneuvering across the battlefield. He additionally has the flexibility to rework into the Shining Dragon for a restricted time frame to deal huge harm to extra harmful opponents.

Sonia Blanche – The Lightning Princess

Sonia is the daughter of Albert, King of Astoria. She has a fierce tenacity that defies her mild look, and he or she insists on preventing on the entrance traces for the sake of Astoria.

On the battlefield Sonia reveals the enemy why she’s earned the nickname of “Astoria’s Lightning Princess,” darting throughout the sphere and dispatching enemies with exact, lightning-quick strikes.

Kirika Towa Alma – The Diva of Nature

An elf raised from start to tackle the function of “Diva Magica,” Kirika is a priestess with the facility to commune with dragons and management the forces of nature. Though she appears calm and composed on the skin, she has a couple of fascinating quirks that usually takes her companions unexpectedly.

Kirika is a member of the Dragoneers, warriors who wield the legendary Armonics. Whereas her damage-dealing skills are nothing to sneeze at, she prefers to tackle a extra supportive function as a healer for the social gathering.

Rinna Mayfield – The Whirlwind Sylph

An elven mage and Kirika’s most trusted attendant, Rinna boosts the spirits of everybody round her along with her cheerful persona. Rinna isn’t with out her fairy companion, Fromage, who helps information the social gathering all through their journey.

Rinna prefers to remain on the again traces in battle. She makes use of her trusty Armonic to offer assist to social gathering members and blow enemies away with wind magic.

Agnum Bulletheart – The Pyromaestro

A musical mage with a burning coronary heart, Agnum does every part in his energy to be sure that he’s at all times the focus. He by no means backs down from a problem, and his fiery persona is completely accented by his magical capability to manage hearth.

Like Kirika and Rinna, he holds the title of Dragoneer and wields an enormous, axe-like Armonic. He’s comfy in each close-range and long-range fight, so long as he has the chance to point out off his expertise.

Lestin Sera Alma – The Glacier Sentinel

Lestin is Kirika’s older brother, a Dragoneer, and Captain of the knights of the elven kingdom of Wellant. His place as Kirika’s older brother takes priority over every part else, nonetheless, and he’ll usually change personalities solely with regards to defending her. Very like Agnum’s hearth, Lestin’s management over ice enhances his persona nicely.

In battle, Lestin restricts enemies’ motion with highly effective ice magic, then shatters them along with his halberd-like Armonic.

Excella Noa Aura – The Dragon Princess of the Holy Dirge

The Imperial Princess of the Lombardian Empire, Excella has the talents of each Diva Magica and Dragoneer. Logical, loyal, and holding all of the qualities of a pure chief, Excella lives by placing the wants of her nation above all else, main her to command a marketing campaign to safe the facility of the Shining Dragon for the Empire. Nevertheless, this encounter doesn’t go precisely as deliberate, and the ensuing battle finally ends up altering her life endlessly.

As each a Diva Magica and Dragoneer, Excella has the distinctive capability to manage historic weapons referred to as the Dracomachina, dwelling weapons within the type of dragons. She will additionally management gravity magic to maintain enemies pinned down whereas launching an assault.

Jinas Aion – The Lone Dragonslayer

A wanderer with no identified affiliation to any faction or authorities, Jinas Aion is the personification of thriller. He’s identified throughout the Empire for his astounding capability to annihilate dragons in a single strike from his highly effective katana.

In battle, Jinas overwhelms his opponents with lightning-speed strikes from his divine katana, Susano-o.

Character relationships make up a significant a part of Shining Resonance Chorus’s gameplay and story, so sit up for studying extra about your favourite character(s) when the sport launches on July 10, 2018!

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