God of Warfare Treasure Map information: Useless and Bloated


God of Warfare Treasure Map information: Useless and Bloated

Kratos’ newest journey is the densest God of Warfare sport but, with tons of secrets and techniques and collectibles to uncover. A number of the trickiest to seek out are the treasure maps littered round Midgard. These caches comprise uncommon and helpful supplies that you simply want for upgrading tools, so it’s price digging them up. Right here’s the place to seek out the situation hinted at within the Useless and Bloated Treasure map.

Useless and Bloated treasure map:

The situation it is advisable to discover is on the shores of the Lake of 9, and is accessible as quickly as you discover the realm.

Your solely clue to discovering the treasure reads as follows:

“The troll who killed my kin is slain, however the battle has taken its toll. I’ve buried no matter I’ve left close to his corpse. Ingrid and I used to frequent this seaside to look at the solar rise over the temple.”

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It is advisable to head over to the east facet of the lake, close to the place it says Cliffs of the Raven. Right here you’ll see icebergs floating within the water, and as you sail previous them, you must see a seaside within the distance too.

When you attain the seaside, you’ll see one of many braziers that it is advisable to mild through the Unfinished Enterprise favour.

However an important factor you’ll discover is the corpse of the troll that the clue mentions.

The spot the place it is advisable to dig is on the troll’s proper hand facet, beneath his arm and subsequent to his abdomen. We’ve embedded a display screen of the mound under:

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Stroll as much as the buried treasure and press Circle to dig it up. Doing so nets you a uncommon enchantment, 5 comfortable Svartalfheim metal – which is nice for upgrading early-game tools – some Hacksilver and an Oblivion Stone. This can be a scarce merchandise that can be utilized to improve pommels with life-stealing talents. Positively price preserving.

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