Fallout: New Vegas fan beats the sport in in regards to the hardest method conceivable


A Fallout: New Vegas fan not too long ago accomplished a run that may greatest be described as taking the trail of most resistance. YouTuber Rheteam beat the sport, beat the sport on its highest issue, beat the sport with a hardcore survival situations mod enabled, beat the sport with permadeath (so he couldn’t die), beat it with out killing anybody and beat it with out firing a gun. Oh, and no companions, both.

It took him since March over a span of 19 episodes (about one hour every). Right here is the finale (spied by PC Gamer), which wrapped up two days in the past:

Boxing gloves are the one technique of coping with hostile interactions. They KO, moderately than kill, with a excessive sufficient energy attribute, and Rheteam’s beginning S.P.E.C.I.A.L. was 10 in Energy for simply this cause. Endurance was 10 (undoubtedly helpful for the pacifist possibility) and so was Intelligence (for hacking terminals, naturally). A 1 Charisma is fascinating as a result of speech negotiations can streamline the story path and get gamers both out of hassle or to bypass battle sequences.

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An vital qualifier right here is that it’s not like Rheteam went by means of this with no NPCs dying. He simply didn’t kill them together with his character. For instance, he’d lure enemies into an space with pleasant NPCs who would then do the soiled work for him.

He nonetheless obtained during on the New California Republic storyline (one of many three main ones to finish the sport) and even accomplished the entire facet quests (technically, one tutorial mission was not accomplished on this playthrough, although he did so in one other simply to indicate it could possibly be executed). On this Reddit thread, he mentions 5 of the trickiest missions. One, “Three-Card Bounty,” has three characters who must die to finish it. Rheteam solved that by positioning himself in order that these folks took pleasant fireplace (and ended up attacking each other).

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Once more, it exhibits the large endurance of Fallout: New Vegas, which launched eight years in the past, even with out mods. Folks hold discovering methods to make their trek by means of the desert wasteland fascinating even when they’ve crushed the sport repeatedly. However I’m at a loss to think about one other strategy to make finishing the sport more durable than this.

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