E3 2018: Combating Conformity within the Demented World of We Completely happy Few


One of many latest members of the Microsoft improvement household, Compulsion Video games has been engaged on the dystopian motion journey We Completely happy Few for fairly a while. What started as a procedural roguelike has morphed into a way more narrative-driven expertise, and contemplating its fascinating backdrop, hilarious dialogue, and menacing enemies, that was a smart resolution.

Having just lately performed a 45-minute demo of the reworked recreation, we got here away excited at its potential, enamored with its writing, and barely creeped out by its unsettling characters.

Set in an alternate model of 1960s England, We Completely happy Few tells the intertwining story of three rebellious residents attempting to flee from the town of Wellington Wells. A drug known as Pleasure has been compelled upon the populace, turning in any other case nice peasants into stressed-out sheep cowering beneath an authoritarian regime.

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We performed as former journalist Arthur Hastings, who awakens from a Pleasure hangover to search out himself misplaced in Wellington’s upkeep tunnels. After making our method out, we emerged within the colourful and seemingly tranquil district of Barrow Holm. Dotted with deserted houses, Barrow Holm is a totally explorable, open-world space, underscored by a way of desolation and sorrow.

We retrieved a map on the prime of a lookout tower, directing us to a buried treasure a number of yards away. We picked flowers that we may finally craft into useful gadgets and wandered via the remnants of the district’s former inhabitants. A nightmarish stuffed animal tea social gathering sits in the course of a discipline. Youngsters’s toys are strewn about, dirtied and torn. Regardless of the cheery colours, one thing very, very dangerous occurred right here. Selecting up tidbits of narrative, we finally bumped right into a resident who supplied us a method out of Barrow Holm in change for a number of gadgets required to function a gate.

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The demo shifted gears right here, as we have been requested to infiltrate the well-guarded camp of a neighborhood gang. We Completely happy Few doesn’t draw back from motion; after sneaking into camp, we have been caught red-handed and thrust right into a ridiculous, makeshift combating pit the place we realized the ins and outs of We Completely happy Few’s melee fight. Grabbing a big stick, we went mano a mano towards a frightened fellow named Danny Dafoe. Danny turned out to be a former co-worker nonetheless indignant at us for making enjoyable of his awful writing; given the selection between a non-lethal membership or a decidedly lethal pointy stick, we went with the membership. Danny might need been a jerk at work, however he didn’t should die.

Or maybe he did? It’s as much as the participant to make these kinds of selections in We Completely happy Few, every having ramifications the additional you press on. We weren’t as variety to the remaining guards, utilizing a mixture of stealth and straight-up roughhousing to take out the baddies, steal the requested gadgets, and hightail it again to the gate.

Our subsequent cease was a dilapidated village overrun with aggressive locals (colloquially known as “wastrels”) strung out on Pleasure. Starved and sporting tattered clothes, the wastrels didn’t take kindly to our fancy duds. Solely after discovering a number of key substances may we correctly soiled up our go well with and conform, although not earlier than unintentionally (and optionally) throwing down with a number of wastrels guarding a treasure chest.

In the end, we opened the gate and made our option to the prepare station, although getting there required a mixture of sensible stealthing and loads of fleeing. Taking up a number of enemies without delay isn’t a fantastic concept in We Completely happy Few, particularly once they have billy golf equipment and you’ve got an (admittedly sharp) umbrella. However battle we did, till we entered the prepare station.

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As we tussled with extra guards, we endured a number of flashbacks about our misplaced brother Percy, regretting our resolution to go away him within the clutches of the authorities to save lots of our personal pores and skin. We additionally meet the gruff, potty-mouthed Ollie, who has taken up residence within the prepare station and is defending his place from wastrels. After we lastly attain him, it’s revealed that Ollie is an outdated neighbor who could also be our solely method out of this deranged city.

We nonetheless have 1,000,000 questions on We Completely happy Few. What was life like earlier than the occupation? What made neighbor activate neighbor? How on the earth did the world get like this? The demo hints at life earlier than wartime, however with two extra playable characters and over 20 hours of story in entrance of us, there’s much more uncover when this unusual, well-written recreation lastly arrives on Xbox One August 18.

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